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Saint Emilion is located in the south west of France
in the Bordeaux wine region.
The village is located in the departement Gironde (33)
and in the region Nouvelle Aquitaine.

In the heart of the Libournais country,
in a region of wine-growing hills,
this medieval town of less than 2.000 inhabitants
is camped on a limestone eminence
and is located at the crossroads of Bordeaux, Saintonge and Périgord.

Over a million visitos
visit Saint Emilion every year,
which is still less than the 3 million visitors
of another medieval landmark and Unesco momument,
the Mont Saint Michel

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Saint Emilion is also known for
AFSACSA Museum, Chateau Ambe Tour Pourret

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Gare Saint Charles
Gare St Charles
137 rue des Terres de Bordes
33800 Bordeaux
+33 8 25 00 24 00

Aeroport Merignac Bordeaux
33700 Bordeaux
+33 8 25 00 24 00

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